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What happens when a Reach administrator without publishing permission tries to publish an item in our eduAPP?

Administrators of your eduAPP system, Reach can have various permissions. 

You can manage these permissions by clicking the settings cog on the top right hand side of your main navigation in Reach, and then by clicking 'Users'.

  1. Administrator: determines whether the user has access to Reach (the back-end of the eduAPP)
  2. Publisher: determines whether the user has permission to publish content live to the eduAPP. If they do not, they can prepare content, but upon attempting to publish it, a notification will be sent to administrators with publishing access to approve the content.
  3. Publication notifications: determines whether the user should receive requests to approve content that administrators without publishing permission have tried to add.

Below is an example of the email communication that will be sent to administrators with publishing permission when an administrator without this permission attempts to add content.

The email will prompt the user to login to Reach in order to view and approve the piece of content.

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