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How do I create a new page on my eduSITE?

It is important to note that each Digistorm eduSITE client has a different website structure, however all schools will use the CMS (Content Management System), Craft to make changes to their website.

Within Craft, a website page is categorised under 'Entries'. You can access your existing pages and add new pages using the 'Entries' link in the left hand menu.

Depending on the structure of your website, you will have different content under the 'CHANNELS' and 'STRUCTURES' lists on the Entries page. 

'Articles' are blog-style posts - again, depending on your website structure, you may or may not use this feature and it may have a different name.

To add a new page to your website, click the 'New Entry' button on the top right hand side. Use the drop-down beside it to select the 'CHANNEL' or 'STRUCTURE' under which your new page should sit. 

Remember that unless you have disabled the Entry or scheduled it for a date in the future, clicking 'Save' will publish it automatically.

If you need assistance creating a page based on your particular website structure, please contact

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