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How do I add and schedule a Notice to my eduAPP?

The notices module is the most accessed module of the eduAPP and parents rely on this section for important information.

To add a notice, simply select Notices from the header and or the “New Notice” quick link: 

From here you can add a notice.

Simply add a title for the notice, it is recommended that this is kept short and sweet to engage those users that it relates to. Please note that a notice requires a title.

If applicable, a description can be added to the notice - there is no limit to the size of this.

A number of different attachments can also be added to each notice. These are:

Address - Addresses external to the school can be added to each notice. The user can select this address in the notice and it will automatically launch Google or Apple Maps, providing directions to the location. Select OK.

Contact - Relevant contact details can be displayed in the notice. Select OK.

File - PDFs, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Images can uploaded for each notice. Simply select “File” to drag and drop into the notice.

Alternatively, choose “Select File” to launch your file manager and choose a file. Select OK.

Link  - A weblink can be added to each notice through this function. Simply type in the address and ensure that http:// is included. Select OK.

Please note that only one attachment of each type can be added to an individual notice.

Notices can be sent to multiple destinations. In this instance only the School App will be selected to proceed. 

Notices can be distributed to the eduAPP as a standard notice or broadcast as a Push Notification.

Simply select whether you want to send it as a push or not. Push notifications actively alert users providing that they have this enabled on their device.

When you choose to send a push notification you can customise what you would like the title of the push to be. By default this will display the notice title unless you decide to edit it.

Notices can be targeted to sub-groups defined by your school. By default Everyone will be selected however this can be tailored by selecting the Tag Groups button.

You can select as many or as little tags that apply to the notice. This will dictate who receives this information in accordance with their subscriptions selected.

To publish the notice, there are a number of options available.

The notice can be scheduled to go live immediately or at a custom date in the future. 

Expiry dates can also be allocated which will remove the notice automatically to ensure that your users are not accessing old information.

By selecting Publish now the notice will either go-live immediately or will be queued for publishing at the requested day and time.


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