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What kind of attachments can I add to my eduAPP notice?

A number of different attachments can also be added to each notice. These are:


Address - Addresses external to the school can be added to each notice. The user can select this address in the notice and it will automatically launch Google or Apple Maps, providing directions to the location. Select OK.


Contact - Relevant contact details can be displayed in the notice. Select OK.


File - PDFs, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Images can uploaded for each notice. Simply select “File” to drag and drop into the notice.

Alternatively, choose “Select File” to launch your file manager and choose a file. Select OK.


Link - A weblink can be added to each notice through this function. Simply type in the address and ensure that http:// is included. Select OK.


Please note that only one attachment of each type can be added to an individual notice.


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